Introducing Meetquo 1.20: Hello, Slack

We're excited to announce the rolling out today of a minor Meetquo update including bug fixes and new features:

Slack integration

All Pro users can now integrate Meetquo with their Slack channels and users. To do so, just go to your Team's settings panel and scroll down to "Slack integration":

If you press the "Add to Slack" button, you will be redirected to a Slack integrations page asking you where would you like Meetquo to post in your Slack. You can choose either a channel or a private conversation with a specific user:

Once allowed, Meetquo will be announcing new meetings to your Slack and allowing users to access the signature panel once the meetings reach their end and are asking for signatures.

New "Can't access to this meeting" Screen

When a user would try to access a meeting where he/she has not been invited, a default 404 error screen was displayed. We've now created a better, more understandable screen to explain the situation to the user and invite him to reach the meeting administrator.

For privacy reasons, this information is only displayed when the user is part of the team but not of the meeting he/she is trying to access.

Public Roadmap Availability

As a long-awaited community request, we're releasing our Product Roadmap to show publicly where are our efforts and how are we making Meetquo better and better.

You can access our Roadmap from this link and also from the footer of any Meetquo page (both website and app).

Bug fixes

This release also fixes small bugs that have been reported by Abe, Kim. Thank you! These bugs include:

  • Recording did not stop when a video answer was not posted and the modal window was closed.
  • New versions of the Meeting Document were created unnecessarily in some scenarios
  • A 404 page could appear when clicking the version switcher for the Main document

Thank you for using Meetquo!

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